I’ve written prose fiction in various lengths, from one page fiction for women’s magazines a long time ago to short stories to full length novels. The Challah Tin is my most recent novel length manuscript, you can find out more from the menu drop down.

Some of my other stories are outlined below:

The Quinch: I am fond of this which was one of the first “long” story I wrote. Kenneth Quinn is an inventor, but his inventions are pointless. He invents a winch for cats who live in flats and through a series of unlikely events becomes impossibly rich and famous. It’s a humorous tale and one I am itching to convert to a script.

Laotzi’s Failure: Novella about curious aliens observing four human individuals who are working through four types of human failure. Failure is complicated and made more so by the aliens clumsy intervention.

Professor Hallux and the Lalalas: Chapter book for 7 to 11 year olds. The Professor Hallux character belongs to Fun Kids but they permitted me to take him on a series of adventures to the bottom of the ocean and the edge of space.


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