I like to turn my hand to a broad range of subject matters and formats including prose fiction, radio scripts, educational content, and of course screenplay.  Now I come to think about it, I’ve always swerved poetry… but never say never.

Collaborating is one of my favourite things to do.  There’s a playful joy in sharing creativity.  Honing a plot, devising twists and loops, plucking people and universes out of the air – well, it’s pure alchemy.

Below are some of the things I’ve written, with links where I have them.


In over a decade of writing for children’s radio, I have completed over 1000 educational radio feature commissions, which have been broadcast on UK terrestrial radio, for a broad range of clients, (frequently on STEM topics).  This includes work for The Wellcome Trust, Institute of Physics, UK Space Agency, Royal Microscopical Society, The Royal Society of Biology, amongst many others.

I’ve also put words in the mouths of well-known and loved characters such as Dennis and Gnasher, and the Bin Weevils, as well as developing many other original characters such as Professor Hallux, Nanobot, Sir Sidney McSprocket, Benny and Mal, Marina Venturer and K-Mistry.

The Courier, a movie I co-wrote with Andy Conway and which was optioned in 2017 has gone into production, with Olga Kurylenko and Gary Oldman cast in lead roles. Although my involvement with the movie ended at the point of the option it’s exciting to see developments and has resulted in my IMDB listing.

I was the winner of the Faber Quickfic competition (05/05/19) for “Lost and Found.”


It was enjoyable to take part in creative outreach work at Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery to publicise the digital archive.

I released of a second edition of my  paperback of Professor Hallux and the Lalalas.

A short story, The Six Which Matches the Twelve is published in the anthology New Street Stories.


I co-wrote a feature action screenplay, The Courier, (with Andy Conway) which has been optioned.

I launched my imprint Lone Magpie Books.

One of my favourite characters Professor Hallux, now features in his own story – a chapter book for children which I’ve written and which is available here as both e-book and paperback :  Professor Hallux and the Lalalas


Whimword Flash Fiction Contest winner 23.09.16

I was selected to be part of screenwriting team for forthcoming UK independent feature Augumental

Awarded place on BFilm Immersion Programme.

Reader for the International Rubery Book Award.

Fun Kids began broadcasting nationally – widening the audience for my educational and sponsored features.

Special Mention in the Faber Quickfic competition (12/2/16) for “Rootle Tootle.”


Runner up in the Faber Quickfic competition (10/07/15) for The Other Egg.

2015 Arqiva Radio Award for Innovation / Bin Weevils Partnership.

Awarded place on Writing West Midlands Room 204 Writer Development Programme 2015/16

Runner up in the Faber Quickfic competition (13/02/15) for “Anna and Me.”


Wrote and developed two one-hour pilot TV scripts, The Fade and Sanctuary, in collaboration with Luke Fielding.

Completed MA Writing from Birmingham City University, achieving a Distinction.

In 2014 I won the BCU Prizes for Creative Non Fiction and Reading into Writing.

A later excerpt from The Challah Tin is in the anthology I Am Therefore I Write.


The manuscript for The Challah Tin was shortlisted for The Impress Prize.

An excerpt from my feature screenplay Carrier won the 2013 BCU Screenwriting Award.

Excerpts from both The Challah Tin and my science fiction screenplay Carrier, are in the anthology Paper and Ink.

I completed my science fiction feature screenplay script, Carrier.


I began writing commissions for children’s radio, and for children’s media across a broad range of topics.

2003 to 2005

Several short stories published in Take a Break Fiction Feast (H Bauer Publishing).


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