I have produced radio scripts for several well-known children’s characters, adhering closely to idents and brands, whilst translating them to radio in a way which will entertain our young listeners.

It’s a privilege to be able to have some fun with these brands and two of my favourite ones are below.

Click on the pictures to go to the iTunes links where you can listen and download episodes for free:



Bin Weevils is a fun online game for kids ( I wrote a few dozen episodes for the characters’ radio takeover including cheeky Tink’s Tips,  Inks Stinky Poetry and Bunty’s Bin Gossip.  You can even listen to the show when you’re playing the game.



Fun Kids has been working with The Beano for number of years with various cross-promotional activity.  Dennis, Gnasher and the Beanotown Characters take over Fun Kids once a week where music mixes with mayhem from the maestro of mischief, and his friends.  I’ve lost track of how many links and shows I must have written for these series; dozens if not hundreds.

With gags, tricks and jokes from Dennis and Gnasher, Minnie the Minx reading the news, The Bash Street Kids cheating at trying their hand at a number of sports, Billy Whizz’s World Records… and Walter trying his best to stop the show… it’s complete madness and the best thing on the radio (and the most fun to write).

Beano characters copyright DC Thomson 2014, Bin Weevils copyright Bin Weevils Limited 2014.


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