Carrier is an action thriller with science fiction elements, set in present day America.  The script is available on request.


SARAH MEADOWS, coming to terms with the death of her disgraced scientist husband, realises her baby son BOBBY is exhibiting supernatural abilities.   He makes geometrical models.  Things melt when he touches them.

Before his death, husband JASON MEADOWS was working on virus strains found on an meteorite TAUCETI 4, found in the Virginia Grasslands.  All traces of the viruses were obliterated in an explosion in the laboratory; the bodies of Russian agents found at the scene implicated JASON in espionage.

Baby BOBBY and his new incendiary skills draw the attention of the big pharma; they realise BOBBY is carrying the virus.

They want their property back.

Big boss CUBBY uses Sarah’s employer, the overbearing sleazebag SHEP GREEN to forcibly quarantine the child and do whatever it takes to keep Sarah from BOBBY, whose powers now extend to melting tarmac and flipping cars.

SARAH must fight to take back what is hers and for a future for Bobby; she’ll be helped by manchild CHARLIE, his peppy internet date gone wrong VIOLET and an extraordinarily unreliable Russian fixer called TASIA.

Eye popping visual effects and supernatural events add both thrills and shocks right up to the gruesome finale.


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