As you can see from the menu I have generated a lot of words in all sorts of shapes over the years. I am certainly happiest having a selection box of writing projects at which I can pick.

These projects frequently seem to involve exploding corpses, plasma balls, ripped reality, concentrated obsessions, and moral failure.  I’m not particularly subtle (this probably helps with my day job, writing for kids).  I notice that I tend to avoid reality in my writing so I’m not very likely to turn out opinion pieces or non-fiction.  Pretty much anything else, though.  In 2014 I completed the MA Writing at BCU which gave me even more wonderfully bright ideas but sadly no more hours in the day.

I love the immediacy of screenwriting and enjoy the challenging constraints of this format.  Collaborating is hugely rewarding, although it helps having collaborated with some talented co-writers.

So about that day job?  I am commissioned to write a variety of scripts for radio promotions, programme features and series for the UK Sony nominated radio station Fun Kids. It’s always a lot of fun (ha) and the breadth of topics they throw my way is staggering, including almost every branch of science there is.  I’m particularly proud that I’ve explained fecal bacteriotherapy not once but twice since 2010.  You don’t get that on Cbeebies.

I enjoy writing prose but that’s much more at the mercy of a muse descending and it always seems to be foreign gentlemen of a certain age who choose to possess me.  I dread to think what a psychotherapist would make of this.   In 2013 it was Polish Josek in the manuscript for my novel The Challah Tin.  2014 saw me channeling an Argentinian Beat Poet called Mendez Bolivar for a short story You See How It Is When Everything Is Not; I even wrote several poems in his voice. So that was weird.  I wonder what… who will be next?  And why?

For now, I’ll be promoting my existing work, and developing my screenplays.  I’ve got another idea for a screenplay which I hope to get underway very soon.  I’ll be posting odd updates about my experience of writing, and anything newsworthy when it feels necessary.  Thanks for reading.


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