Spring Forward.


So! How’s the writing going? 

Well I’m writing two series for Fun Kids at the moment – an interesting one is for the Heritage Lottery Fund.  We’re trying to come up with a beautiful narrative to show the experience of being a child in 1914.  My boss Greg and I visited the exquisite Geffrye and Postal Archive Museums, and the London Metropolitan Archive, where I inadvertently set all the interactive displays to my own personal Gmail.  That was funny. We learned a lot, like how never to attempt to hack into your own Gmail in an interactive display and, less amusingly how over half a million children died as part of the War Effort – aside from all those who perished in the Zeppelin raids.

But that’s “work” right?  How’s your own writing going?

Well yes, it’s going pretty well.  I love our office.  I wish I could order Mel and Sally by Direct Debit so that I could constantly have their wordery, insight and energy.  I sent out all my Carrier query letters and I’m already excited to have three LA rejections.  Say what you like about the Hollywood machine but they are at least devastatingly efficient.  Luke and I constantly hone the collaborations.  We clawed The Fade into line last month.  We can’t really sell it until we do. I am also editing up a chapter book for kids, so that I can e-publish it, but it’s difficult to get it right.  I’m working on it.

Yeah… but have you like…  made any money yet?  From the personal stuff I mean.

Thanks for sticking the knife in there – that’s nice.  No.  Remind me to never come to your house ever again.

There was, however that Faber flash fic runner-up placement, a place on the Writing West Midlands Room 204 Programme and an invitation (this week) to join a very cool writing group in June.

Writing – that’s like a mid-life crisis isn’t it?  It’s like making artisan bread or crafting, isn’t it?

Fuck off.  Anyway, I like artisan bread.


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