February Targets: Carrier (continued) & Collaborations


February targets are going to have to merge a bit with January’s in terms of what I want to get done. Never enough bloody hours in the day.

1. I want to finish sending out the query letters to the US production companies – I have a list, I have Letter size paper.  I’ve drafted the queries.

The trouble is a pesky matter of the SAE or the SASE as it seems to be referred to in the US.  That’s the Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope to you buddy.  On investigating the process it appears that query letters require one of these to be included to ensure you are in receipt of the inevitable rejection.  No problem.  But there’s no point putting a UK stamp on an envelope that’s gonna be coming from the US is there?

Getting hold of US stamps is quite the job.  If you’re not in the US I mean.  USPS which is the American Postal Service have an ebay shop where you can get hold of US stamps but they have to come all the way from the States.  Just to travel all the way over there inside my query letters.  Before they come allllll the way back again.  Sheesh, these stamps will have more airmiles than Tony & Cherie Blair.

Anyway I’ve ordered the stamps so once they arrive it will be a matter of collating the lot (about 20 or 30 letters) and sending them out.  Piece of cake.

2. I’d like to send the script to the two last UK script wrangling agents that I haven’t approached yet. They both require a reference up front.  I’m waiting on the reference.  So that one is out of my control a little.  I would love to tick it off the list.

3. One small bonus Carrier Target I’d like to mop up in February:  When I attended a Raindance Pitching Event I made notes about the largest film makers in the UK.  Carrier is targeted at the US market but I feel like whilst I am pitching it I should include them in my approaches.  It’s an all or nothing kind of script; the TV drama pilots I’ve written in collaboration will have a bit more flexibility in terms of who we show it to, but Carrier’s a big-budget science fiction movie.  Not many people will touch those.  So I want to dig out the contact details I scribbled down, and send queries out to those UK companies.

10847556_10155362138035556_8531379118193209639_o4. I appreciate we’re pretty much halfway through February already so this is already looking like a laughably hopeful list but I would like to turn my attentions to the completed collaborations and start work to push them out the nest a bit; that’s Fade & Allen Road.

I got an A5 glossy little version of the script of Allen Road made up (for amusement, mainly).  It’s quite a handy calling card.  The graphics need sharpening up and to have the synopsis and contact details placed on the back.  And I need to create one for The Fade – this probably requires a new cover pic as the story has moved on since Luke designed the original one. It would be great to get both completed so I’ll be doing a bit of work with Luke on that one over the next week or three.


2 thoughts on “February Targets: Carrier (continued) & Collaborations

  1. Hi Nicky! I love how you’ve interpreted the ‘Rum of One’s Own’ writing prompt; but I have to say that the thing that really stood out for me was the level of specificity that you use in this piece, it’s quite simply delightful to read. It would be great to hear you read it aloud at the next ROOO meeting – see you soon!

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