16 days to deadline…

10612539_10154743973245556_2306850364778141455_nAnd bloody hell the clock is beginning to tick.

The BCU MA Writing dissertation or “Final Project” comprises several parts; there’s the main written thing, which has to be around 15,000 words.  That’s my screenplay “Carrier” and it’s pretty much done.  So very done in fact, that I’ve been happily pottering around with other projects (including a beautiful new idea for something involving humans in hibernation), reading lots of books, drinking wine, going on holiday and staring contentedly at the wall.

The dissertation does however require a few pesky other supporting documents.  There’s a 2,000 word reflective commentary on the work, which really needs more library time and, ideally, silence to complete to my satisfaction.   With the school holidays I have two noisy children in tow now right up to the deadline so that’s not going to happen.   The silence, I mean.  The commentary will get done I expect.

Then there are two supplemental short summaries demonstrating “Evidence of Professional Development”, totalling another 1,500 words. It’s these in particular I’ve been finishing off this weekend.  Or trying.  Amidst the aforementioned noise.

The idea is to demonstrate that you have attempted to connect with the publishing, theatre or film making industry and presumably not merely spent two years peevishly protecting your scribbles from being exposed to the light.

The first of my “evidence” pieces is about the process of writing and promoting my novel manuscript, “The Challah Tin.” The whole thing was written (fast) last year and enjoyed a measure of competition if not yet commercial success.  So plenty to say about that.

The second evidence piece is about the collaborative process of writing “Allen Road”, a TV screenplay. I hadn’t written collaboratively before the MA, and the project was done with a particular competition in mind (Channel 4 one) and a lot of effort went in to careful shaping and targeting.  So again, plenty to say about that too.

Of course what I really want to be doing is browsing the web for interesting stationery solutions to bind my submission together…


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